Thursday, April 18, 2013

Rain Trickling Meaning

It is raining...again!

There is something about the rain that makes one want to just snuggle up under some covers, sip a latte, and read a good book, watch an old movie, sleep, sleep, sleep.

Today is no exception, it is Thursday, what happens on Thursday?

Piles of research sitting on floor beside the laptop begging to be read, photos begging to be analyzed, articles begging to be written, and the only motivation right now is a warm latte and a good book - that will be reviewed, of course, but a good book and covers.

Then, stopping to look outside, one is reminded of the power of the dynamic of words, the power to utter a phrase and change the conversation, alter the narrative.

Such is this moment, on this rainy day when the narrative is being altered about the race, ethnicity, and identity of the Boston Massacre bomber.

Sometimes, in the rush for justice and in the insatiable social media, tweet, blog, right now news stream, they get it wrong and they did just that yesterday.  Then in the rush to get it right, to seek revenge, people unleash their wrath upon the wrong person, just because they happen to look like "those" people who do "those" things.

The rain slows things down, gives humanity the chance to review, can't exactly ride bikes or even sit on the balcony and sip a latte.  The rain can be cleansing and renewing, just like the hope that time will renew and cleanse the country of the wrath that has choked the life out of common decency.

Gentle and soothing hope like the rain can renew and restore the human in the common man, only if one stops long enough to contemplate what the trickle in the trees really mean.

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