Monday, April 8, 2013

The Aftermath

It has been almost a week since the election.

I lost, never expected to win.  I made it an election and I got people to talk about the issues, that is important to me.

The aftermath will be interesting.  I realized that either people want the popular, but not-very-bright, because to have something more substantive forces them to think, to confront their prejudices, and to examine their motives.

It is the same in every aspect of life.  Power and control are twins that keep coming up in everything related to the public sphere.

I realized it in the general election, even more so in our local election, and simply in the every day happenings at the local elementary school - people like to be 'in charge' in some way and will do whatever, say whatever to keep their little fiefdom.


Perhaps it is a bit of the narcissist in them, in us.  Like the addict who always insists that it is someone else who is "distracting" them and they "just can't do this anymore" when people around them just want to live in peace and they want their recovery to be the center of all discussion.

They like the power but not the work, the control, but not the relationship.

The aftermath will be interesting.  I know it will take more than a few bought marks-on-the-box to make people realize their best interests are not always served with the status quo.

I am glad I raised the dialogue, had the broad discussion, and held true to my purpose.  I will keep sounding the clarion call and will keep speaking out about the things I see as wrong.  Like the addict in a twelve-step program who refuses to apologize to those they hurt, true freedom will not happen until a collective "head-in-the-sand" has been admitted and we all wake up from our stupor.

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