Saturday, May 4, 2013

Honor On His Birthday

He literally changed the narrative of my life.

When I thought I was finished, one in each hand, his essence filled my being and on this day, 19 years ago, he literally burst forth to proclaim, "I'm here, are you ready?"

The ultrasound with him proudly standing full front, waving, and letting us know without a doubt he was a boy, was the moment I knew that his personality was going to be big and his purpose in life was going to be enormous.  He hasn't ceased to amaze me.

This kid, so skinny, still skinny, stands tall in my heart with his wisdom and compassion, his keen insight and understanding, his brilliance, and his honor.  He is thoughtful, sensitive, and engaging.

I can not believe this is his first birthday away from me.  Time flies and I look at the baby pictures of my "flying baby" with the "crazy mohawk" and marvel at the years filled with action figures, goofy gestures, jumps down the stairs, so many neighborhood boys, cars, and song.  My son, my youngest son filled my heart and soul with a gladness that I can not describe.

The years have only intensified my admiration of his talent and thankfulness of his presence, even as he changed my life, just two days from my thirtieth birthday, just when I thought more children were not in my life story.  He has always given everyone around him a reason to smile.

One name, two names, three names were not enough for someone of his magnitude and magnificence.  He has six names because his personality can hold heritage in his heart and his culture on his shoulders.  He has a mantle and a voice that booms across the room and declares his dreams are real, his passion is authentic, and his talent is original.

I pause and honor the presence of my fourth manchild, my promised one, my youngest son.  Happy birthday my almost twin!

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