Saturday, June 15, 2013

My How Life Changed In A Week or Ode To My New Career Move

The sun is streaming through the balcony, waves rippling through the trees in the mountains, birds chirping, morning waking up, Saturday waiting to happen, changes in the making, sipping a caramel and honey latte marveling at the week that was and the month that will be.  Moving from one thing to another in the space of seven days. Embracing a change and holding onto the steady.  Making moments count and living seconds fully.  Amazed. Up and down the highway training all day, meeting new connecting anew amazed at the cohesion.  Purpose and promise meet up with hopes and dreams for their future and their lives and making a difference and young people working with older people and everyone striving for higher.  How it all changed in a week, in meeting and knowing and answering and the Divine always guiding steps.  My, how it all shifted in a seven days. Still in a haze planning what to pack and living a month away will they be okay. Excitement and pride like summer warmth.  Time evolving to encompass ten years to this to do this to be this.

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