Saturday, June 8, 2013

Summer Saturdays in St. Louis

Summer Saturday's in St. Louis are filled with many family-friendly activities that make this one nice place to live.

First stop was Soulard and the famous Farmer's Market and Marketplace.  Yummy coffee from a gelataria, mini donuts, fresh ginger, handmade head-to-toe butter, and enough fresh produce to satisfy the upcoming week's menu.

All spent - $23. Walked out with four bags and a bit of an eclectic experience that made us want to spend more time in Soulard.  On the way out, the sweet sound of jazz and the thought we should stay longer.

But, more things to do.

The Delmar Loop is one of those spots that ends up on the tourist list, but on the block just over Skinker, is a renewal with the promise of that thriving entrepreneurial spirit.

On the corner is an Italian bakery and next door is Callia Lily, a prom and special occasion boutique.  Next door, however, is where happiness was in a glass jar.  Miss M's Candy Boutique can make a grown woman act like a nine year old.

The best purchase was the custom gummy bears that were beyond anything those packaged things could ever hope to be.  Gourmet chocolate and yogurt pretzels that literally made one closed the eyes in deep appreciation.

After leaving a few dollars on the loop, a journey down I-44 to Webster Groves and the annual Art & Air show will completely satisfy all those creative juices.  Options from hearing great music, trying out the art, meeting artisans from painters to potters, and food vendors galore are enough to make one just camp out on the campus of Eden Theological Seminary.

Exhausted and satisfied, home was calling, bags of candy waiting to be eaten, and time to rest up for next week.

Summer Saturdays in St. Louis are pretty special, just get out an enjoy it.

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