Saturday, July 27, 2013

Where I've Been

There are a few times in one's life when everything changes in an instant and one realizes that the instant will impact generations.

Such was the month of July.

Literally within weeks I was in Columbia for intensive training for my new position at the St. Louis Program Coordinator of the Missouri College Advising Corp.

Little did I realize during that first telephone call with our executive director, that I would be embarking upon something that all of time and elements has been waiting to happen.

Everyone has a purpose in life and that purpose is larger than dollar bills, cars, or clothes.  Sometimes it propels you and energizes you through twelve hour days.  The impact is just that great.

My month of living in a hotel room (sans Saturdays when I had that one full day at home with my family) came to an end yesterday when I packed up my car and headed back home.

I learned a lot about what we will be doing, bonded with my St. Louis Cluster, and received confirmation that everything does happen for a reason.

There is a reason I did not win the Kirkwood election.  MCAC is bigger and broader in scope and impact

There is a reason I am not in corporate America.  MCAC is wider reaching and deeper.

There is a reason I wasn't teaching at one university in the spring and summer. MCAC is educating and changing ten schools and potentially, hundreds of universities.

I am sitting here this morning, sipping my morning latte, marveling at all He has done, for surely, it was His orchestrating this symphony.

My husband and children held down the fort and came to realize that mama was right, it is better to just do the dishes right after dinner.  They missed me and I missed them.

Baby girl has been in remission for almost two years.  Youngest son is about to begin his sophomore year of college and achieved a 4.0 in his classes he took this summer.  Big girl gained her independence and expanded her time with her friends.  They are not little, little anymore.

Timing.  We may not understand why G-d has us in one place or another, but my faith trusts that He has me in his hands.  I know the gifts and talents in me and the purpose in me has always been to impact lives.  I am a true blue.

Where have I been this month?

I've been on a journey to a purpose far greater than I.

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