Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Women Who Share My Sun

Sunday, what a beautiful day.

My big sister, my Mata Sister became an elder today, her 60th birthday.  She taught me about me and loved me, held me, cared for me when our mother was unable.  She has always shared her joy and radiated the perfectness of her freedom.  She inspires me.

My big girl, my lovely one, made a big leap to growing up and took all the lessons I shared with her to her journey.  She makes me proud and honored to be her guide.  She starts middle school in a few weeks and is ready for her world.

These women, bracket of my life, hold my highest esteem.  So much alike and not.  Each is an artist and deep thinker, a lover of the arts.  Each one feeds my spirit with their presence.

Today was a magical day for me to realize how wonderfully blessed I am with the people who share my space.

My baby girl made thoughtful decisions about what she wanted for her school supplies, making me proud with how well she negotiated the aisles and made decisions with her budget.  I taught them well, now they are teaching me that it is ok to step back and watch them demonstrate to me they learned a lot.

It is fitting that this was the summer of transition and journeys for the women in my sunlight.  It is fitting that it was this summer that I started a new position that is definitely a far right from my corporate world, that has me in the middle of making an impact on many.

I want to keep learning and growing, making an impact, and helping the women in my life reach for their highest.

What a joy, what a beautiful joy.

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