Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Chain Yanking

There is a lot of chain yanking going on.

I thought about this over the course of some events in the last month and how in almost all human interaction, one is trying desperately to control the thoughts and actions of another.

It is true, if one stops and thinks about it.

Children are trying to bend the will (and wallet) of parents to give in to that thing they want.  They are relentless in their manipulative tactics (although, with the more stern parent, these tactics fail and the subjects try another method, kids are quick) to try to get what they want.

Spouses are just as guilty.  One wants his laundry done even though the other can not figure out what he wants since he never puts the clothes away.  The other wants her to cook even though she hates it and they never like what she makes anyway.  It can go on and on from working, who sits up with the baby, who drives, what side of the bed, where to vacation, the city lived in, etc.

Employers are especially guilty of this, especially in a climate with minimal job opportunities despite a wall of degrees, even worse for those who barely finished high school.  They ultimately know that people have to eat and though they pay worse-than-slavery-era-wages, they also know the person is psychologically exhausted from all the demeaning demands placed upon them just to keep their $7.45 an hour.

Friend do this, to a point.  Whether they are fourth graders on the playyard or sixth graders in middle school, there is always a part when they try to influence the actions and decisions of each other.

It has me thinking, when will the chain yanking and manipulation end?  When people snap or when they are bullied enough to self destruct?  Or when they just say to "hxxl" with it and move on?  I wonder.

Ponder the thought in the week about all the manipulations or controls that may fill the day and try to change just one of them.  In the end, we should all be loving and kind to each other, loving each other more than ourselves, in so doing, we may even get that homecooked meal we wanted in the first place.

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