Monday, November 4, 2013

Blessing Thoughts For My Messy Daughter

May my daughter never marry a messy man like my husband.

May she never have a stubborn daughter like I do.

May she never wake up in the morning to find dishes in the sink and the dishwasher not turned on.

May she never have tween girls who think they are too special to do chores.

May she never have to put aside writing her novel to do a load of laundry that goes un-put-away.

May she never know the frustration of waiting and waiting for yet another costume change.

May she never clean toilets daily that she never uses.

May she not trip down the stairs because her daughter left yet another book on the floor.

May she not carry baskets up and down the stairs to only hear, "I Have Nothing To Wear."

May she never have to hide snacks from her husband and daughters who inhale them daily.

May she never sleep to only hear the TV turned back on to the whiny voice of a Disney show.

May she never step on a Lego piece left in the sitting room.

May she never find that her daughter opened her special markers and then asked later to use them.

May she never find her scrapbooking supplies not put back correctly.

May she never find popcorn kernels on her writing desk.

May she never lose patience if all the above happens to her while raising children and writing and studying and reading and trying to not be her mother!

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