Thursday, November 7, 2013

Dance Line To Jubilee: Life Lessons to Fifty

I am reaching my jubilee in about six months.  I've spent a lot of time thinking about life, talking to friends and family, and meditating about this journey.  Here are my fifty musings:

1. We only have one life, one dash, make the most of it.
2. As painful as it may be, leaving the handsome hometown man behind may be the best thing for you.
3. You are never too young to make a difference or too old to dream
4. Elders have a lot of wisdom.
5. Tradition is important, but not so much that it can't change if it is wrong, or be improved on, if it is right
6. Kids will form their own identities
7. Careers are great, but they are not life
8. Americans are uptight
9. Travel the world
10. Gays can love the Lord just as much as straights
11. Denomination separates
12. Going to college just to pledge a BGLO is stupid, especially if you drop out after going over
13. Black people need to get over it - there are lesbians and gays among us
14. White people need to get over it - privilege has been to your advantage
15. Black girls really do rock
16. Pound cake is still yummy
17. Being a vegetarian has enhanced my health
18. Natural hair is empowering
19. Raising daughters after raising sons takes a lot of coffee and patience
20. I was a great ex-wife, never raked my ex over the coals for unpaid child-support
21. My husband is a good father
22. Laundry never ends
23. Keeping a house spotless is not the best use of my time
24. Never take the world to your bed - a shower only takes five minutes at night
25. Breakfast is still the most important meal of the day
26. Drink a glass of water with lemon in the morning
27. Coconut milk tastes great
28. Having children takes everything - can't have it all at the same time
29. The degrees are worth it
30.  Volunteering and community service are work
31. No one does more than an at-home-mother
32. Money can cause some people to lose their minds
33. Women are better money managers, even if men refuse to admit it
34. Wally world is the spawn of satan
35. Pay people a living wage
36. More white people are on welfare than black people - get over it already
37. I gave condoms to my sons - still not a grandmother
38. G-d really doesn't care who you sleep with
39. Still wonder what Jesus wrote in the sand when the men were ready to stone the women
40. Whatever happened to the man that the woman was caught with - every wonder about that
41. Men are not the best ministers
42. In my mind, I am a very creative scrapbooker - in my office are lots of supplies
43. I still do not like Allen Ginsberg's, Howl
44. Writing frees my soul
45. I miss my parents
46. Cousins are the best
47.Books open up the world
48. I love my life
49. Pink is still my favorite color
50. Dancing is fun


  1. Love these! They are so very YOU -- and yet form a philosophy we can all learn from.

    1. Thanks, Joy! I had a lot of fun coming up with this list this morning.


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