Monday, December 9, 2013

Monday Morning Exhaustion...and Smiles

Mondays are always a respite after a whirlwind weekend of activities for the family.

This weekend was no exception.

Decade girl, the baby-of-the-family, had her epic "girls just wanna have fun, not quite sleepover, not movie not, but lots of giggles" party at the hotel suites a few suburbs away.

Her mama needed lots of coffee and ear plugs to withstand the jiggly, wiggly, giggly girls.

So it was not without regret that midnight came after six hours of non-stop laughter, and the last girl put on her coat against the winter chill and pressed the elevator button to go home.

Sleep remained illusive as the hotel suite needed to be packed up from presents, luggage, and snacks for the party.

Caroling and basketball games and an unexpected playdate with cousins meant mama's weekend was spent traveling from here-to-there, secretly wishing for the college student to be home to take over some of the drive time.

A moment of quiet when the last one went to school this morning, a sip of a rosemary and brown sugar latte, and a smile across the face reminded one mama that turning ten is a major deal. That there is only one baby-of-the-family. That childhood is irreplaceable. And that pined for corporate escape life will still be there when the last one leaves the nest.

Counting up the blessings on a cold Monday morning.  A few yawns makes it all worth it.

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