Thursday, January 23, 2014

Boring Is Good

We live in the mundane.

The everyday ordinary.


Sameness of life.

At times.

Sipping coffee or tea, eating a banana, reading a book, loving our families.  Most of life is lived in moment-to-moment boring sameness that is much more fulfilling and exhilarating than the most thrill-filled roller coaster ride.

Life is a marathon, one that if one truly admits, will find one with hair of snow, wrinkles etched across the face of time, joints that creak in the winter, and maybe a gait that is not as swift.  Years float by and one realizes that the gift of living, the legacy of living is earned in those moments when you are boiling water in the tea kettle and watching your daughter make markers before going to school.

It is ok to be quiet and appreciate the familiar of your sitting room where every book on the shelf has it's own home.  To know that your husband makes great spaghetti and  you know more about fresh food shopping than he does.  That  being a full-time caregiver and mom, chief mom, chief home officer, is one of the greatest investments of time you ever made.  That familiar rhythm of life where one can set their watch by how much is actually accomplished between 6am and 8am when your castle is your office.

The silences of the winter are great times to pause and reflect on those ordinary things that can often be missed.  How extraordinary it is to sip a cup of tea and feel the sun streaming through the balcony, teasing of summer's dreams to chase away the cold.

Boring, sameness, ordinary, life, and that is pretty good.

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