Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Happy Birthday, Son!

Today is my second oldest son's birthday.  

He is spiritual and lyrical, thoughtful and wise.  I have loved and admired him from the first moment he entered my world.  He was bubbly and had these eyes that would just dance and make you stop to notice that he was in the room.  His personality is equally as electric and he draws a crowd.  He writes, sings, raps, draws, and is self-made.

My son and I have had quite a journey through life, he is essentially the oldest, his big brother died on his seven month birthday, so this one, my second born, is the one that I learned the most.  Through grit, trial and error, lots of mistakes, he knows I love him with my deepest heart.  He was the one who was so protective and felt a sense of responsibility, even as a five year old.

The day would not be right if I could not pause to reflect on his journey and applaud him for his zest for living, his determination to keep going, and his surety in his purpose.

Marcy Lotto, your biggest fan gives you a birthday shout out, celebrate like only you can.

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