Sunday, January 26, 2014

Pause and Ponder For A Moment

I was sitting at my desk, thinking, as I always do, about life and my connections in it.  When I thought about how we are all sharing time and space in this universe and what I do here, affects you there, I paused.

This earth, this planet that we share belongs to all of us, that "haves" and the "have-nots."  It is a truth, whether that truth is accepted by all 7+ billion people inhabiting it or not.

In that truth, we affect each other.  We, here in the West, with our seemingly insatiable appetite for new and shining things, completely affect the lives of those in the East, the keepers of many of those natural resources we cherish. In the East, when we read or hear about unclean water or a young girl's life traded away, it affects me here when I look into the eyes of my own.

Pause with me for a moment and think about that.

The diamonds on my hand, the gold, the minerals and metals in my phone, these did not come from my own hands, but the blood, sweat, tears, and labor of another.  I owe them my full acceptance of this gift of their life and also my voice, my writing, my advocacy.  I owe them to not be careless with my resources, to recycle, to upcycle my clothes, to not be cavalier with what is in the nearest mall.  Bangladesh because Americans want cheap, South Africa because Europeans want diamonds.

I am only one person, as are you, but you can make a difference, just as I can, even if it is just in my sphere.

If humanity stops and sees each other as beautiful, spiritual resources that enhance the lives of each other, we may be a step closer to the peace many of us crave.

Ponder that thought over chai tea and thank the hands the picked the leaves.

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