Monday, February 17, 2014

Repost from Tim Wise: Choosing Whiteness or Humanity: Jordan Davis and the Minimizing of Black Pain

I was angry, angry, angry at yet another black teen being murdered by yet another white man who claimed to be "afraid" for his life.  He was the one with the gun and the Florida man with murder in his eyes over music!  Rap music that is purchased and enjoyed by teens of all cultures!

I am a mother of sons, when will the lives of our sons matter?  What would change if black men were indiscriminately gunning down white male teens?  Would the lives matter then?

Tim Wise, noted writer, essayist, and social commentator on the issues of white privilege, racism and discrimination, has penned a thoughtful rhetorical essay on the Saturday verdict.  He took my emotional space and put to words thoughts that maybe white America will hear from a white man who gets it.

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