Wednesday, October 8, 2014



My next door neighbor are tired of hearing about it and were caught on tape cursing after an interruption at the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra performance this past Saturday night.

My daughters know all about what I have done up there and I have formed relationships (even if virtual) with some amazing young activists who are striving to make a solid change in the system of racism.

My friends have been made uncomfortable in their privilege and have had to face the mirror, one apologized to me so many times, I reminded her of the power she had to be an ally and effect change.

My sisters told white mothers about "the talk" and are planning another one on this coming Monday.

My connections are engaged in a buycott and thinking more consciously about where they spend their dollars.

My organization has sat with other clergy while young people were wrongly jailed for chanting This is What Democracy Looks Like.


The quest continues to expose a racist system that has a perpetual target on the backs of black men and perpetual otherizing of black women's lives.

The young women have been reminding the young men that without them, the movement would not be 60+ days and this far along, reminding us all that in reaching for human rights, we are including the rights of women to be fully actualized.

The people have reminded themselves of the power of their voices and the tools they have at their disposal that was virtually non-existent fifty years ago.

The world is watching and has duplicated the protests of the Ferguson movement ot places like Beavercreek, Ohio, Sandusky, Ohio, and Hong Kong.

The powers that control and hoard the elements of authority and power will never easily give up their place on the throne, regardless of how immoral their iron fist.

The clergy and allies have been challenged to leave their places behind the pulpits and be on the streets, feeling the pain of the people, becoming voices of reason and reminding even the powers that still without justice, peace will not prevail.


Even as many are training and preparing for a weekend of American civil disobedience, reminder exist of the evil ones who are also planning to main and hurt.

Everyone traveling here and planning here is also preparing their souls for the fight of a generation and arguably a fight that dates back four hundred years.

Everlasting righteousness continues to buoy the hearts of those who have literally put aside jobs, relationships, sleep, studies, and pursuits of anything other than Justice for Mike Brown and a call for enough!

Everyday for over sixty days the focus has been on what happened and why, young and old standing in the face of bullets, tear gas, stone cold hearts, and elected powers who make their money on policing the ones kissed by the sun.


Will not stop.

Will keep going.

Will prevail.

Will happen again.


If justice does not prevail.

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