Thursday, December 31, 2015


by Tayé Foster Bradshaw

It is New Year's Day, 2015. I just returned home from a cross-state-drive from a holiday trip that was not as we expected it would turn out.

My initial travel plans were altered by the torrential rain that literally swept waves of water over the floodbanks with now entire highways and main parts of cities in this area under water. It has been epic, unexpected, and altering.

The trip across the state included painful moments and times of deep reflection to decide what would be important to continue living a full and healthy life. Children and grandchild were a part of that contemplation and as I see the river water rising well into my neighborhood, with road closed signs and news reports of sandbag walls, I am reminded of some things to be resolved.

Be it resolved that the past is the past, there is nothing that can be done about it.

Be it resolved that life includes drama and sometimes that drama includes pain, pain will hurt.

Be it resolved that hurting is a part of healing and that it is something that must be experienced.

Be it resolved that experience is a good thing to teach and guide a journey.

Be it resolved that if the journey is not taken then the existence has ended.

Be it resolved that ending some things is the washing away of the old and embracing a new day.

Be it resolved that a new year and a new day present a new opportunity to flourish.

Be it resolved that to flourish is the greatest gift of the soul.

Be it resolved that the soul matters.

I am stepping into 2016 with hope and promise. Like the unexpected rain and the rising waters give pause to consider what is most important, a new page and a new day present the same moment of peace.

May 2016 be all the hearts' desire in that new breath inhaled a midnight, a new page on the planner. Let it be filled with color and joy.

Copyright 2015 by Tayé Foster Bradshaw Group, The Musings of a Latte

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