Monday, December 14, 2015

Sandy Hook Remembered

When will this country value the lives of the littlest of her citizens more than some intentional domestic terrorist's attraction to weaponry that has no place on American streets?

It is the holiday season, lots of toys are being purchased and placed for little ones just like the little six and seven year olds whose mass murder shocked the nation.

Yet, just two years later and we have had more murders at the end of someone's perceived Second Amendment Rights to purchase courage his internal fear could not overcome. What did the babies ever do?

We have had the rhetoric of hate coming from Presidential candidates, mass shootings at a church service, at an abortion clinic, and even at a company party. That is not including the policing killings of unarmed citizens and the domestic incidents involving guns.

Will there be a holiday season where the citizens lost will not outnumber the days of the year?

It makes no sense and the mothers continue to weep.

Who will speak for the slain?

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