Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year - 2016!

by Tayé Foster Bradshaw

One of the things I decided when I opened my eyes this morning was that this year would be full of promise and opportunity and hope and dreams.

Of course, so many of us make resolutions and decide that this year will be the year that we...

I am so full of euphoria, fresh breath, and optimism for 2016.

Perhaps it is because it is a new page, like a new piece of paper or the new journals I received or the fresh doodles I made.

The prompt that made me decide to start the new year and new morning off a little differently was that we often believe that how we start a thing is how it will be.

So I started it by making coffee - nothing new under that sun for me - and then I did something else.  I didn't check messages or social media or even clean the glasses left from the kids' last night's water runs.

The bag filled with markers and colored pencils begged me to step away from my trepidation to reach inside, rediscovering the creative child in me, and start, just start, on the blank page.

My coffee was steaming and my hand was shaking, at first, then, with my first Copic black sketch pen, I started drawing. The result was my brief vision for the new year, filled with dreams and promises and assurances.

Every new year, like every new day is one where we can nurture our passion, feed our gifts, and color outside the lines.

I am resolving to let myself find moments of calm and respite, to quench my thirst for words on paper, and to see something breathtaking in every second.

What will you do in 2016?

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Tayé Foster Bradshaw is an avid writer, latte lover, and bibliophile She and her family reside in St.Louis and she aspires to color something new every day.

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