Thursday, May 30, 2019

Awake in Someone Else's Dream?

Waking up in the middle of someone else's dream presents you with some options.

You can wonder about your role in the story and play it out to the end.

You can lament your talents used in the opportunity not your own.

You can rage against your time lost in fulfilling someone else's destiny.

Or you can do something else.

What if the dream had something to do with what you wanted to do, but didn't know it yet?

What if it was part of your life purpose and was a journey on the way?

What if you had a part to play in the moment and have to be still to see it?

I was sitting in my office the other day and this thought occurred to me as I was reading the news. The news that overlaps into other people's existence. Georgia, Alabama, Missouri, Utah, and now Louisiana have made decisions that alter the possibilities of millions of young women with a dream.
It was something that had me wonder about purpose, power, and potential.

In my faith belief, I hold that everyone is divinely created, that living human beings have a unique purpose on earth, but that purpose rests in the choices one makes in life. We are not just cogs in a wheel or puppets in a play. There are environmental circumstances that can derail those choices, some of those effects can happen when one is young and beyond the opportunity to choose for self. Others happen once adulthood is reached and fear sets in to cloud out hope. Yet, I have faith in the possible.

Emily Dickinson wrote, "I Dwell in Possibilities."

Those possibilities exist as not just dreams but choices that may take risks or saying no to some things while saying yes to others.

One can still decide. One is never too old. Or too anything to not stop and do something different.

So, being awake in someone else's dream might not be a bad thing. It could just be that necessary part of making your dreams come true.

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