Friday, June 21, 2019


What are the ways your life has changed in a single day?

I asked myself that question when I sat down with a dynamic woman I met by chance.

A moment when our unexpected lives connected from a world that allowed our paths to connect.

She, an artist, teacher, coder, creative.

Me, a writer, scholar/preacher, bibliophile, creative.

A simple moment.

So we met for breakfast and considered what would be possible if women like us could simply exist.

What if we were all able to take a deep breath and inhale the possible.  How could the world be impacted if every one divinely created followed their heart and found their spirit?

Handmade blueberry and strawberry syrup on handmade bagels in a local cafe, washed down with a brown sugar latte, and the possible was ideated.



What a simple thing to just be with and for. To be.

Black women.

Just being.

Over coffee and homemade bagels, imaging if it was possible.

Then, they pulled out a napkin and some colored pens, and started to create.

Dwelling in the possible. Thanks, Emily Dickinson for the inspiration.

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