Wednesday, October 14, 2020

When Amy, Amys

 Like many of the people I know, we were disgusted by the GOP power play during an election.

It was not months and months, but barely weeks and weeks.

The services for the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg hadn't even happened yet when the white-men-who-crave-power were salivating at the change to shove yet another conservative justice down the throats of Americans.

Judge Amy Coney Barrett is a poor replacement.

I was part of a press conference, joined with there women leaders, in the middle of Yom Kippur, to denounce this pick, again, merely weeks before the November election. In fact, people were already casting a ballot and deserved to have their voices heard.

This hearing is a sham.

This nomination is a sham, and in the couple weeks since she was announced, we notice it was also a super spreader event, resulting in even the president contracting Covid19.

It feels like these folks have been beyond gaslighting the American people.

So, regardless of how we got here, here we are and this judge who is barely a judge, is sitting before the Senate for the past three days, to have a confirmation hearing. The result of that hearing would be just days before the November election.

And Amy, Amys.

She equivocates.

She demures.

She evades.

She just sits there looking like the sick dream of every patriarchal domineering power-hungry evangelical conservative white Male in America.

And they love it.

Love her for her worn-out-uterus and her bonus Haitian adopted children. Her quiver is beyond full , this handmaid delivered on her purpose, according to the religious sect that she and her husband pledged allegiance to.

Now, to be fair, my quiver is full, I have a large family. I am a woman of faith, a M.Div, in fact, a minister, so my disgust with her is not that she is married, not that she has a large and diverse family, not even that she submits to her husband.

It is everything else.

If she were any kind of woman, in my opinion, she wouldn't let herself be a pawn in their sick game this close to the end of the election. It makes me wonder what kind of training white mothers give to white daughters that they are wet mops for their husband's whims and wishes.

Will this woman ask her husband's permission to rule on a case?

Is she that power hungry that she would do this so close to an election knowing that the American people are so strongly opposed to this pandemic confirmation?

How about the super spreader event, does she have Covid? And what about her kids that she has paraded around, often without masks, have them been exposed? Does that even matter in the quest for more white dominance in white womanhood?

What kind of woman is this woman?

She clearly opposes a woman's right to reproductive health, even when that woman's very life is at stake, and that is beyond even being Catholic, in my opinion. She is dangerous to my daughters.

She clearly did not have a problem with an employer using the N-word even as she raises two Black children. How safe are they in her home?

She clearly doesn't care if anyone else has health care, knowing she is being rushed through to do what the GOP was unable to do since the ACA was implemented to help save millions of lives.

Clearly a pandemic and 219,000+ dead Americans are not the lives she is concerned about, not very pro-life.

She said she respected the work of Justice Ginsberg and invoked her during her opening day of the confirmation hearing.

But does she, really?

This woman is every Black, Brown, and POC woman's nightmare of how insidious the Amys are.

Something just kept unsettling me.

My home office is upstairs, just off my en suite. I kept the TV on in there so I could hear while I sat at my computer and worked. 

The sound of her voice was making my skin crawl.

Her evasiveness was making me angry.

2020 and this is what we have come to.

A woman who will willingly overturn Roe v. Wade and send women back into the dark ages.

A woman who refuses to refute blatant racism.

A woman who willingly accepts corruption from an impeached president.

A woman who believes her belief system gives her the right to regulate the rest of our lives.

A woman I cannot trust.

Black women have been on the other side of the wholesome looking Amys who look like they will bake you an apple pie wearing pearls and a skirt. 

They have cried rape on our men.

They have shouted at our children integrating "their" schools.

They have yelled at our children in classrooms.

They clench their purses in elevators

They protest Black or Brown families moving into "their" neighborhoods.

They want to feel "safe."

They are the 53% who put in this nightmare because their fathershusbandsunclesbrothers convinced them a woman was not able to lead and that she would make their lives scary.

Nevermind the scary four years that have ensued.

So, no, I am not feeling very confident in this process.

I'm sure she will be confirmed.

That is how this thing is set up.

This originalist who believes I and my people are only 3/5th of a human and only then because it was a concession.

This religionist who believes my daughters' minds are not worth anything but their wombs are meant to be used, well maybe not them, given they are Black.

She is like the Amy who calls police on Black people just living.

When this Amy, all the Amys act as an Amy, it makes live extraordinarily dangerous for me.

And that is frightening more than anything that will happen on Halloween.

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