Tuesday, September 7, 2021

The Great Resignation

 Today, September 7th, just after celebrating my daughter's 20th birthday and Labor Day, joined with hundreds of others and I resigned from my position with a non-profit in my former state.

It was time.

I, like many who lived through the pandemic, had a moment of reflection of what is really important.

Life is much more than an environment that is no longer conducive to joy and wonder, that does not feed your soul, that robs you of your peace.

The pandemic and the recent natural disasters that hit parts of the country, including up here in the northeast, were a reminder of how precious life is. It is more, so much more than a life drain.

Like some who decided, you know, this isn't feeding my soul anymore, I may not know where my next is and what it will be like, but for today, it feels like peace.

November 2, 2021 Update: The topic of The Great Resignation continues to be written about, discussed, and pondered, why so many Americans are leaving their jobs. Dan Price posts almost daily on Instagram and Facebook about workplace conundrums and how CEOs can do better. This link is to one of the articles on The Great Resignation that invites us all to sit back and really evaluate what employees are saying and how managers, CEOs, organizations need to do better at listening. According to Dan Price, a pizza party is not it. 

Tayé Foster Bradshaw is my pseudonym honoring my late father and late mother. Daddy first gave me a pen. Mommy gave me the spirit to sing my own song.

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