Saturday, November 20, 2021


 Live, anyhow.

Laugh, anyhow.

Love, anyhow.

Those are the messages I sent to my children yesterday after a Friday of elevating my leg and binge watching the happily-ever-after Christmas stories on the Hallmark Channel. It was after I got one of those "dings" on my iPhone about the breaking news that was not all that breaking to us.

We knew they would absolve the monsters raised by mothers feigning fear of those blessed with color and culture. Even if those they slaughter with sticks of blazing fire, are those that share their hue but not their depravity.

So I refused to stay glued to the news channels with pundit after pundit analyzing what has been in this soil for centuries. Genocide and slaughter is in the heart and soul of pimplyfacedchubbymilkmarshmallows who only feel like men when they drive across state lines to avenge what never belonged to them.

I sipped jasmine tea and snuggled under my covers.

I sent notices to my children to enjoy their weekend, my youngest daughter flew down to visit her older sister in college, my sons enjoying their respective performances, businesses, and families. 

Because they can not extinguish our light.

They can not silence our laughter.

They can not stomp out our dance.

They can not erase our smiles.

They can not.


We live.


Besides, I was reminded in my early morning muse watching the brightest moon and the twinkling stars, that She who upholds the sky gave me solace in that She knows, She sees. "Vengeance is mine, I will repay, saith the LORD." Romans 12: 19. 

So, beloved, go on and be.

Smile in the changing seasons.

Marvel at the Creators artistry of changing colors.

Dance in the frosted morning.

Be present with love.

Because the enemy does not win.

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