Monday, May 9, 2022

Angry About It All

 When I started writing here, my husband once told me that my voice was strong.

Back in 2008, people were worried about ruffling feathers.

The first Black Presidential candidate was turning people's heads with the possibilities of what could be. I was an activist and consultant in a town trying to wrap it's head around a tragedy in city hall earlier that same year. By the time the November election rolled around, people were ready to embrace a future they could hope for.

The euphoria did not last long.

The same obstructionists who on the night of the inauguration decided he would do whatever he could to stop the success of this moderate President, are the same ones who rushed through Supreme Court Justices who were essentially stolen from the prior President and the current President. They kept saying they were for life when they were for power and control.

Control of Black bodies and specifically control of Black women' bodies. 

Like the times of enslavement, they wanted more people born for their nefarious needs of insatiable greed and human property. 

What petrified them the most was the 2007 projections of a majority POC nation.

That sent the OWM into hyper overdrive of trying to create the Handmaid's Tale, of hoodwinking more and more dimwitted evangelical white Christians to vote against their best interests, and to use the ignorant folks to keep pushing their big lie. 

Under their guise of choice, they mobilized the Millennial ponytail white moms who didn't want to watch their own kids. These screeching women showed up at school boards protesting little Johnny and Janey wearing a mask, in states like Missouri, where the Covid numbers were raging out of control. Covid is not over and yet, these women and women were screaming about their rights. They had their pep rally on a plane when another dimwitted and inexperienced Millennial white woman judge appointed by a twice-impeached president ruled that mask mandates were unconstitutional.

So, they claim it is one's rights to now put a KN95 mask on their face when in public but it is their right to enter the most sacred and private places of a woman's body to legislate it.

All while these same old nasty white  men have never had any legislation about their bodies.

From their raping sons who now sit on the Supreme Court to the ones who screech against educated women who refuse to date these imbecile incels, they are furious that they will not get to rape and impregnate with impunity.

So they got their beer drinking raping buddy and the handmaid on the Supreme Court to collude with the Catholic who never liked anyone who wasn't white and rich, to declare that a woman does not have a right to her own body.

I sat on all this news, connecting dots going back decades, rethinking conversations I had with people when I told them to vote, regardless. Angry at the protesters in Ferguson who kept telling. young Black Millennials that their vote didn't matter and that the Black President did nothing for them, all the while, their local officials were stripping away their rights to live, work, and learn in the same suburbs they called home. I had a moment of "I told you so" to all the organizers who ran off with millions and have big speaking gigs but never did anything substantial except promote themselves. Some are called on regularly for the morning news shows, others have managed to get millions through donations and enrich themselves.

And their little sisters will pay for all this with their bodies.

But some of us who study history and observe trends were shunned, actually told that what we irrelevant when we said they needed to pay attention to the school boards, city councils, and state legislation, the same ones that immediately implemented laws that would criminalize a woman for having a miscarriage or having an IUD.

So yes, if you research this site, you will see a lot of strong opinions and thoughts about what was going on. I believe we have to speak up, we only have one voice, and we should use it, regardless. 

Fear of ruffling feathers got the collective us in the place we are in now, far worse off and the same loud mouths that complained during the Black President were cowering in corners during the orange menace, not an organizer word out of most of them. until 2020. 

If my tone is annoyed and angered, it is because I am.

My Gen Z daughters will have to live in fear of not having ownership of their own bodies. Right now, neither of them are engaging in anything that would put the state in their womb, but as  young adult women, I know that won't always be the case. And God forbid, if they were ever raped and stuck with the poison seed of their assailant, they would be forced to carry to term the sprawn of one who violated them, that is the vision of men like the Michigan candidate (now defeated) who told his daughters to just lie down and enjoy it if they were ever raped.

The problem in this country has always been lascivious white men.

Full stop.

They are the ones who engaged in child rape and sexual trafficking, they are the ones who came up with ruffles and drunken frat parties to rape girls, mostly those wide eyed freshmen, they are the ones who came up with Viagra so old white limp men could still get their jollies off, they are the ones who are doing everything possible to control everyone else.

And they are nasty men.

From the screeching drunken rapist who sits on the Supreme Court to the orange menace who was linked to the down deceased international sex trafficker whose insatiable appetite for younger and younger women even brought down a prince.

They are greedy, like the South African son of apartheid emerald Barrons who instead of helping the world with their stolen millions, decide they have to own social media. Not so much unlike the other nasty old white man whose propaganda channel. has their unending loops of their rich spawn mouthing nonsense in jobs their daddy got them. 

I am angry.

And I won't be quiet.

And you shouldn't either.

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