Thursday, November 16, 2023

The Weight of Saddness

 I am weeping inside.

My mind can not wrap itself around the sheer amount of hatred that has filled the culture.

Everywhere present all the time.

Brothers are against brothers, sisters against sisters, emotions at an all time high, all of it is sometimes knee-jerk reaction.

But that is also humanity.


When we can't make sense of what we are seeing with our eyes and hearing with our ears and without turning to our spiritual source of comfort and encouragement, we are left with the sounds from the airways.

Humans want to blame someone, to fault someone, to point to someone.

God is not causing what is happening now.

Human hands destroyed human lives.

Innocents are perishing because of the ideology of human beings thinking they are the one and only ones that the Creator of the ENTIRE universe loves and affirms.

It does not work that way.

That is not the way.

The times we are in are beyond comprehension.

They are dangerous and animistic and intentional.

I  am feeling the weight of it.

Even as I look out with hope and endeavor to not let fear grip me.

We are the hands and feet of good in this world.

If we choose to see each other as brothers and sisters and not as vermin or animals or obstacles to an ultimate rule of power.

Dynasties through millennia have tried that.

Empires have fallen.

What do we do with all of this?

I am listening with all my parts - in my soul, in my spirit, in my heart.

I am watching with all my parts - with my eyes, with my soul.

In my work as a Chaplain, we often talk about doing no harm and walking a little way in the suffering of others. As we journey in these many many uncertain days, that is what I am doing.

Humanity demands it of us and compels us to it.

Because otherwise, the weight can be unbearable and crush us.

I'm trying to stand up and not be swayed by emotions.

Use the intellect you have been given. As a reader, I am reading, I am learning. Measured, informed, thoughtful. 

There are no answers that will satisfy this time and yet, silence does not either.

What I know is that God is a God of love and not hate. If you have to choose, choose Love. And walk in it.

©2023 November 16. All Rights Reserved by Taye Foster Bradshaw Group LLC. Just a writer and thinker sipping a latte thinking about the world and how to be present in it.

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